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Christmas Pack

Product Description:

Get your holiday gifts with Shelton Vineyards by purchasing our fun, holiday packs!

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**All Christmas packs ordered will be shipped on December 11th to ensure timely delivery and fresh cookies before the holiday.

Christmas Pack Includes...

Shelton Vineyards Christmas Wine

This medium bodied red is anchored by firm, yet mature tannins that complement and enhance the dark and velvety red fruit and fresh, cinnamon aroma. Serve this accommodating red with Mexican chicken mole to please your next gathering of friends and family or sip on the back porch as the sun goes down.

A wonderful uncomplicated red wine with a sturdy backbone of tannin that is terrific with steaks, pizza, burgers, ribs, wings or BarBQ

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An assortment of freshly baked cookies made by the Harvest Grill!- Please note that since these cookies are freshly baked, they do not need to be frozen, refrigerated, etc. **The assortment includes peanut butter cookies, truffle cookies, and molasses cookies. The peanut butter and truffle cookies contain nuts and are gluten-free. The molasses cookies are nut-free and contains flour.

** Not Eligible for Free Shipping or Additional Discounts **


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